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Blue Poppy
Meconopsis grandis
White Tree Peony
Paeonia suffruticos Brown Afrikaner
Gladiolus liliaceus  

Connie is a Bay Area native. She has loved flowers from her toddler years calling them “murmurs” while learning to speak. She has known from her childhood that she wanted to be an artist. She is an avid gardener. She put her desires to paint on hold until all of her children were in school. 

She has worked with watercolor, oils and colored pencils. She is self trained in the medium of colored pencils. They are her current medium of choice because of their portability, flexibility and support of fine detail.  

She is a previous member of Delta Art, serving as their Historian, Alamo Danville Artist’s Association, and California Watercolor Association. She is a current member of Northern California Society of Botanical Artists. 

Connie first finds a flower or plant that captures her heart. Her goal is to portray its beauty, personality and character. Her approach as an artist is to impart a bird’s or insect’s eye view showing nectar guides and to portray how light and shadow form a visual delight. Her goal is for the viewer to sense the fragrance of a blossom. She is currently working on a Botanical Garden Series and a California Native Series.